IDBM project


Development Business Modeling tools for furniture SME’s in Peru

I am presently involved in this project, which is being carried out by IDBM (Industrial Design Business Management), a Master’s Degree Course in the University of Aalto, Finland and in the CITE Madera (Centro de Innovación Tecnológico de la Madera i.e. the Centre for the Technological Innovation of Wood), a government-dependant institution.

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This project aims to create a business tool that may be applied to the SMEs of Peru with the purpose of improving their products. As it has been shown in many cases, in spite of the present growth of the construction market, a sense of innovation and design seems to be lacking in the aforementioned products.

This tool can be implemented in the future by CITEMaderain order to promote Innovation and Design in the SMEs, as well as the development which its practices entail.

For the moment, we are currently in the midst of information gathering involving MyPEs that produce wooden furniture.

Towards the end of February, the team of workers from IDBM will be arriving to Lima and a series of workshops will be carried out.

IDBM team:

Tiina Witikkala – Wood Technologist

Sun Huangying – Administrator

Eero Hintsanen – Jewellery Designer

Oscar Subirats Kärkkäinen – International Business

Pekka Sihvola – Wood Technologist

Rodrigo Cervantes – (Coordinator of the Master’s Course)

CITEmadera team:

José Ugarte – Forest Engineer

Gilda Gonzales – Wood Technologist and Designer

Manuel Núñez Huamán – Senior Management and Administration

Diego León Vivar – Industrial Designer

Jéssica Moscoso – (Executive Director of Citemadera)

I personally enjoy being involved in this project because for me, it is a new vision of Design, which is a self-managing one. As I see it, the task before us is to learn and I will be publishing more news in regards.

Until next time!



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